Inside of you is an Athlete

Fitness Revolution Can Help You Realize Your Potential

Inside of you is an Athlete

Fitness Revolution Can Help You Realize Your Potential

NHL Playoff Survival Guide

If your spring includes more wings, chips, beer than you’d like to admit,
If your workouts consist of peeling your butt off the couch,
If the playoffs have not been kind to you in the past,

Then this guide is the ticket for you.

Use this Playoff Survival guide to not just stay in shape this year,
Use it to make the summer that follows your fittest one yet.

Welcome to Fitness Revolution St B

If all you’ve ever known to get in shape has revolved around sport,

If you can’t find the motivation to exercise because “there’s just no drive to do it”,

If you don’t care about eating right because it serves no purpose…

Get ready!

We are THE adult sports performance training centre in Winnipeg and we help former athletes get back into high-performance shape.

Our Sport Performance Training Programs Include:

At Fitness Revolution St B, we integrate skills practice, strength and conditioning and performance nutrition into one package specific to your sport and specific to the unique needs of adults.

Sport-Specific Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning for sport can not only give you that edge on the court, field or ice, but it can also help jack up your metabolism and drop some fat.

But, here’s the side effect…

you may also increase your ability to play with your kids,

you may get off some of your meds,

you may gain more energy to crush your workdays and your workouts,

and you may gain some lean muscle.

On-Court/On-Field/On-Ice Skills Development

This is the missing piece in most fitness programs for former athletes.

Going to the gym is great and yes, it will make you feel like an athlete,

But, when your program includes strength and conditioning, performance nutrition AND skills practice, then sports performance becomes top of mind,

eating right has a purpose,

training has meaning

and you can really harness that inner athlete.

So, whether it’s dribbling a basketball,

cutting on the field,

or quicker acceleration on the ice,

we’ve got you covered.

Performance nutrition coaching

At Fitness Revolution St B, you ditch the dieting.

Instead, you’ll do performance nutrition.

Whether it’s fueling your body with the right foods to power your performance,

Getting enough protein to build muscle and aid in recovery,

Or how to eat carbs and still lose fat,

You’ll dial in your nutrition to optimize your game and your body.

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