10 ways to hold up your jeans

by | June 18, 2019 | Fitness, Sport performance

Have you ever had to cinch up your pants because your ass wouldn’t keep your jeans up?
Do you have a straight line from your back to your thighs?
Can you feel the bones in your butt when you sit too long?
Well, one of the best ways to fix that is with the deadlift. 
We love deadlifts.
Nothing really hammers the backside like they do.
But, what if you can’t do a traditional deadlift…
You know, the kind where you set up with your arms outside your legs and pick the weight up off the floor…
Our 10-years of experience in the gym has taught us that not everyone can do this with picture-perfect, 
Crisp form.
And that’s totally cool,  
You have options, my friend. 
You can get still a great training effect without actually doing the traditional style of deadlifts. 

Why you may not be able to conventional deadlift from the floor…

A. Mobility issues
This seems to be the biggest limitation when it comes to pulling conventional from the floor. 
You simply can’t get your body into a safe position to do the movement. 
Whether it’s tightness in the ankles that causes the feet to turn out, 
Or the ankles to collapse,
Tightness in the hips that causes the low back to round, 
Or tightness in the upper back that causes the upper back to round, 
Mobility is huge when it comes to deadlifting properly. 
There are ways to improve your mobility, 
Like this,
And this
But, for an immediate effect, 
Check out some of the suggestions below. 
B. Low back issues
Tons of people have undiagnosed back issues. 
Whether it’s issues around arching the back too much,
Or issues that arise from sitting at a desk too often and not moving around,
These back issues can creep up without you ever really knowing about them. 
Sometimes it’s a little tweak here,
And a little tweak there,
And then BOOM, 
Your back is out. 
C. Limb length issues
There is not much you can do about your limb lengths…
You’ve got what you got. 
And that’s cool.
But, when it comes to conventional deadlifting from the floor, 
Shorter arms, 
Longer torsos,
And longer legs really don’t work in your favour. 
Longer torsos and legs are incredibly beneficial in other situations,
Like throwing, hitting and running, 
And shorter arms are great for bench pressing and doing push-ups,
But when it comes to deadlifting, 
These things do make it more difficult. 
D. No equipment
Maybe you work out at home and don’t have access to a ton of equipment,
Maybe you travel a lot and are limited to hotel gyms and bands, 
Maybe you live in a small town and the nearest gym is miles away. 
This is a real thing.
But worry not my friend, we’ve got some options for you further down below. 

Alternatives to doing a conventional deadlift from the floor 

1. Trap bar deadlift
Trap bar deadlifts are our number one favourite variation of the deadlift. 
They require less mobility in the hips, upper back, and ankles, 
You can learn them quick, 
And you can get a great training effect with them for the rest of your life.  
If you find it tough to do these well from the floor, 
Simply raise them up a bit. 
2. Sumo deadlift 
Taking the feet out wider, 
And placing the hands inside the knees, 
Opens up the hips, 
Allows the trunk to be more upright, 
And gets those long legs out of the way for you tall folks. 
The sumo deadlift is also a great alternative if you don’t have a trap bar. 
These can also be raised up if necessary. 
3. Rack pull
These next two options get really close to a conventional deadlift. 
For this one, you’re basically doing a deadlift from a high position inside the rack,
Off of pins. 
This one is great if mobility is your major issue. 
It shortens up that range-of-motion necessary to get into a great start position. 
4. Slightly-elevated conventional deadlifts
Another option is to do a full-blown conventional deadlift,
Just from an elevated position off the floor. 
A primary difference from slightly-elevated deadlifts and rack pulls is that the bar is resting on the pins in the rack pull,
Whereas, the plates are resting on the risers in the slightly-elevated deadlift.
So, if you rely on “clicking” the bar or “taking the slack out of the bar” to set up for deadlifts, 
The slightly-elevated option would be better for you. 
5. Cable or band pull-through
This is our go-to starter move for hinging.
It’s safe, 
Easy on the back,
And doesn’t require a ton of range of motion. 
If you’re just getting started with working out, 
This will be your bread and butter. 
6. Hip thrust
If your back is really cooked, 
Usually, hip thrusts are a great alternative. 
The loading on the back isn’t quite so strenuous, 
The movement is easy to do, 
And it feels amazing on the glutes! 
7. Glute bridge
The barbell glute bridge is just a step down from the hip thrust. 
Same rules apply here. 
The range is just a little shorter. 
But, man, you’ll be able to move a ton of weight on this one. 
8. Belt buckle hip extension 
This is another great intro move that we’ll sometimes do as a warm-up for trap bar- or sumo deadlifts.
Plus, if you’re struggling to dial in your movement,
The band around the hips basically pulls you into position,
Keeping your back in the right spot. 
Try this one if you’re struggling to hinge right or if you don’t have a ton of equipment. 
9. Suspender extension
Another great move to get started with hinging and deadlifting. 
The load on the back is minimal,
It feels great,
And you can do it anywhere with minimal equipment. 
10. Dumbbell or barbell straight-leg deadlift 
Finally, you can simply do straight-leg deadlifts with dumbbells or a barbell. 
So, instead of using a bottom-up approach with the trap bar-, sumo- or slightly-elevated deadlifts, and rack pulls, 
You can use a top-down approach with this one. 
This is a great option if you finding it difficult to generate tension in your upper back. 
For some reason, starting at the top with the tension already established makes it easier to do. 


So there you have it, folks…
Ten deadlift alternatives to make your ass look great,
For dialing in your glutes to whop dingers down the fairway,
To crank homers over the fence, 
To run faster, 
And to jump higher. 
NO excuses now!
There is always something you can do.
Whether you’re limited by your range of motion,
Your proximity to a gym, 
Or your back pain, 
Try these options to take your game to the next level. 

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