Holiday Survival Tips

December 19, 2017

Eat slowly and eat until satisfied not stuffed Put your fork down between bites Drink water between bites Contribute to the conversation after each bite Don’t get too hungry before you eat your big meal Try a super shake earlier in the day 1. Pick a liquid ie. almond milk, cashew milk, cow’s milk, water […]

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Time to Recover

December 12, 2017

So, here’s the deal… this is me back in 2004. Skinny, gaunt, overtrained and under-recovered. This, right here, is the byproduct of an exercise obsession, a recovery aversion, and disordered eating. This is why I have dedicated my career to finding the right ways to exercise, the best ways to recover and the right way […]

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 Key Takeaways: -Difficult-easy involves the things that are hard to do but, they are familiar and easy to fall into. For example, when trying to lose fat, you find it easy to crush yourself in the gym. -Difficult-difficult involves the things that are both hard to do and unfamiliar. They are not easy to fall into. For […]

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