Quit quitting

January 29, 2019

Do you remember that time when you were trying to fix the front door and you just gave up?   Do you remember trying to clean under the stairs and saying “eff it already”?    How about that time you were going to do an extra rep and you just shut down the set?    […]

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Don’t forget to move

January 22, 2019

You often hear that nutrition is 80% of the equation when looking to lose fat.    But, the truth is that we were meant to move.   We were meant to run,   Jump,    Throw,   Walk,    Hop,   And climb.   We weren’t meant to spend as much time on our butts […]

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I first worked out back in 2000. I would use my dad’s Weider dumbbells and lift weights in the basement,  Then I would go out for a run. I loved it!    And although I decided to become a trainer at that point in my life…   I didn’t want to step foot in a […]

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Hockey mobility

January 7, 2019

  When walking up the stairs sounds like a squeaky door hinge,    When the sound of you getting out of bed closely resembles the snap,    crackle    and pop of your kid’s breakfast cereal,    When the muscles on the back of your legs closely resemble the wires of the San Fransisco bridge,  […]

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