AMRAP 2017 Wrap-up

by | November 21, 2017 | Events


What an event!

I have never had so much fun at a workout before.

We had a total of 47 people come out for the fundraiser, crank out round after round of our circuit and raise $1880.75 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

To be exact, these folks completed a total of 307 rounds of the following circuit:

10 split squat jumps on the right side

10 split squat jumps on the left side

10 push-ups

10 mountain climbers


10 jumping jacks.

It was awesome!

We received a few texts the next morning complaining of some soreness, so…it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows at the Morfit Training centre this past Sunday, November 19.

Like we said, 47 people crammed into the studio and got their sweat on.

There wasn’t much more than a metre square of real estate for each participant, but everyone crushed the circuit regardless.

The Canadian Cancer Society

This was the second AMRAP for Life fundraiser in support of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS).

This year the cash went to their Glioblastoma division.

We decided to support CCS because of our friend, Troy Woods and his involvement with the organization and even his own battle with Leukemia.

In addition, we lost our Uncle Charlie Cooke to his battle against cancer in 2015. We also lost our cousin, Jenny Pusiewich to the disease that same year.

We also have some close family and friends battling with the disease today.

We have all been affected in some way by cancer and we wanted to do something about it.

Nonetheless, we had such a positive experience with CCS in the past that we wanted to work with them again this year.

Just like last year, we wanted to support an organization that we believed in and that our friends and family had been involved in.

Also, we wanted to support an organization where we knew the money was being used directly for supporting the fight against the disease.

Thank you

We just wanted to send out a huge thanks to everyone that came out and participated and to everyone that donated.

The support has been outstanding!

It blows my mind how generous people are.

Also, we wanted to thank White Lion Athletics, Freshii Downtown and Rob Reimer of Piston Ring Auto Service for donating such awesome prizes.

We would be remiss if we did not thank Stu and Tom and the crew at Morfit Training Centre for putting up with all the noise, hooping and hollering in the studio.

Thanks to DJ Tony Letkeman for laying down some fat beats for the event. I’ve always wanted to have a workout with a live DJ, so this event was kind of a dream-come-true. 🙂

Thank you to James Perrini for coaching and setting up for the event.

And of course…

Thank you to my beautiful wife, Meaghan, for counting rounds, taking pics, taking registrations and managing my sanity during the event.

You guys would not want to come to an event if it was just me running it….yikes.

AMRAP for Life 2018

This is definitely going down again next year.

We’ll be looking at having the event in September of 2018.

Again, the location was amazing and the staff were phenomenal, but we may need a little more space next year.

Looking forward to it!

Hope to see you there.


Here are some pictures from this year’s AMRAP for life event:




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