Barks and Burpees 2018 Wrap-Up

by | May 8, 2018 | Events

Oh, boy!

So many pups!

So much fun!

So few leashes….

Eleven pups and their owners raised $530 for Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue at Little Mountain Off-leash Dog Park this past Saturday.

The event was a charity workout that had the participants complete the following exercises:

Sits also known as squats,

Lay-downs also known as push-ups,

Scratch my bellys also known as hollow holds, ​​

Roll-overs (which are basically just rolling crab walks),

And then we finished up playing some fetch.

The goal of the event was to raise some cash and raise some awareness for a wonderful dog rescue in Winnipeg – Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue.

Founded in 2011, Manitoba Mutts is a 100% volunteer-run, non-profit organization that rescues dogs and cats from around Manitoba that have been abandoned, or surrendered at no fault of their own.

Manitoba Mutts has no physical facility so they rely on foster homes to take care of their dogs and cats.

For the event, we had Lacey Kehler from Manitoba Mutts in attendance to teach us about the organization and to show off an adorable 6-month old puppy that she is currently fostering, Canvas.

So friggin’ cute!

Another goal we had for the event was to have someone adopt Canvas and bring her into a fur-ever home.

So, let’s make that happen (we actually almost adopted her but soon realized that 3 pups may be too many pups for us right now)!

The reason we wanted to support this unbelievable organization was not only for the great work they do around Manitoba saving stray dogs and cats, but the fact that the organization is 100% volunteer-run.

With this, we knew the money was going directly to the care of their dogs and cats.

Thank you!

We just wanted to send out a huge “thank-you” to all of the humans that attended the event,

The pups for making it so much fun,

The donors who were unable to attend,

Lacey Kehler and the folks at Manitoba Mutts,

And my lovely wife, Meaghan, for taking these great photos of the event and for keeping the pups in check while everyone got their workout on!

Barks and Burpees 2019

Stay tuned for Bark and Burpees 3 in May 2019.

We will be using the wonderful Little Mountain Off-Leash Dog Park again.

Start training your pups now!

Can’t wait!

Learn more about Manitoba Mutts

To adopt Canvas or to learn more about Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue, visit their site here.

You can also check them out on Facebook,

@manitobamuttsdogrescue on Instagram,

or @manitobamutts on twitter.


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