Brent’s program has changed my life!

by | November 13, 2017 | Testimonials

“In summary, Brent’s program has changed my life!

When I started I could not, raise my left arm above shoulder height (due to a partially torn rotator cuff muscle that doctors said had to be operated on), do a side plank, do 1 push up or beat my son or nephews at ping pong (Annual Christmas get together tournament).

My goal was to successfully complete a 10-day backpack mountain adventure (this involved hiking up and down mountains up to 8500′ with up to a 60 lb pack travelling 5 – 15 kms/day ) 11 months after starting. It is worth noting that I have spent my whole life at sea level. I have since successfully completed 2 of these adventures.

I will not go into the details of all of the positive changes but the list of cannot do’s at the start are all now “Can Do’s” including my shoulder working again. One day I went to reach for a cup off the top shelf and my hand just went up and grabbed it without any pain (I did it over and over as I could not believe it).

The great things about the program are:

  1. Brent’s approach is very supportive and motivating!
  2. Very safe. Brent designed the program to match my progress and abilities.
  3. It only took 1 hour per day 3 days per week!”

-Bryan Couch

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