Eat Until 80

by | October 31, 2017 | Fitness

Combine eating until 80 with eating slow and you have a recipe to get in shape and stay in shape for life.

You will tune into your body’s natural fullness and hunger cues,

You won’t have to weigh your food,

You won’t have to track your Calories,

And you won’t have to count your points.

You will put yourself into a fat-burning mode using only the tools we are about to teach you below.

Eating until 80 is one of the hardest,

But, one of the most important habits we can develop.

This is what will allow you to eat whatever you want at Thanksgiving without bringing a scale out to weigh how much pumpkin pie you’re eating.

This will allow you to have energy to play with your kids after dinner, rather than just succumbing to a food coma on your couch after eating a week’s worth of potatoes

This will allow you to rely on your natural hunger, appetite and fullness cues to eat rather than a clock.

What is 80% full?

Well, stuffed after thanksgiving dinner = 150% full.

Super hungry, stomach grumbles, stomach is going to eat itself = 0% full

80% is somewhere in between those two extremes.

Obviously, if you hit 78 or 82, that’s cool.

Basically, eating until 80% is not full, it is no longer hungry, it is satisfied

So, essentially this habit is about eating the right amount of food and how it feels to eat that much.

Here is how “eating until 80” will play out in the beginning

There are four methods that you can use to eat until 80.

A. Checking in

Take a bite


Check in on how you feel

If it feels like a good idea to go for another bite, take another bite



If it feels like a good idea to go for another bite, take another bite


It’s really that simple.

B. Eat less than you’re used to

If you normally eat a full plate of food, try 3/4 of a plate.

If you normally eat 2 servings of meat, try 1.5.

If you normally eat 2 baked potatoes, try eating 1.

If you normally clean off your plate, Just try leave a few bites on the plate – the world won’t fall apart if you don’t clean off your plate

You could also use smaller dishes

C. The Hunger Game

Being hungry is okay.

Your body won’t disintegrate.

You don’t want to starve yourself, but a little hunger is necessary to put you in a fat-burning zone.

Here is how you play the hunger game.

Ask yourself these questions:

What does hunger feel like to you?

What does full feel like to you?

And then….

Before wanting to eat:

Recall what hunger feels like.

Do you feel that right now?

Are you actually hungry

After you eat:

Again, recall what hunger feels like.

Is that feeling gone?

Am I no longer hungry?

D. Rate your hunger

One = no hunger

Ten = I could eat a street lamp

Steps to rate your hunger:

i. Before you eat, rate your hunger.

Seven or more = eat

Less than seven = wait

ii. Eat slowly and check in after each bite. Rate your hunger.

Two or three (about 80%) = stop eating

More than two or three = continue to eat

Eat 80 trumps all

Eating until 80% creates the deficit that kickstarts the fat-burning mode in your body.

So, stop if you hit 80.

Even if:

You aren’t done your veggies.

You aren’t done your lean protein.

You aren’t done your triple chocolate, salted caramel fudge cake.

It will be okay.

If your goals are to lose fat and get in shape, eat until 80% trumps all.

Final note

Once you try this and figure out what 80% is, make note of the following:

What 80% feels like in your body?

What 80% looks like on your plate?

What foods keep you fuller longer?

Situations when it is easier to eat until 80?

Environments where it is easier to eat this way?

People that allow you to eat this way?


Eating until 80% will not only teach you how much you should eat but also, what if feels like to eat that much. It will teach you to tune into your natural fullness and hunger cues. No more weighing scales, no more measuring cups, no more counting calories, just real eating, in real environments, with real people and real enjoyment.

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