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by | May 7, 2019 | Diet and Nutrition, Fitness, Health

A few weeks ago we talked about several reasons why your progress could be stalled…
Well, here’s the rest of the list.
These are the less-common, 
But often the misunderstood reasons why you may be plateauing in your progress. 
Everyone goes through highs and lows,
It’s par for the course.
The lows actually make you appreciate the highs that much more,
And the lows actually teach you more about yourself than the highs do.
It’s all about learning how to bounce back,
And bust out of that plateau.
So, if you’re still not losing fat,
Building muscle,
Building strength,
And being that high-performer you know you can be,
Here are 5 more reasons why your progress may be stalled out…

1. You’re not sticking to one path 

You’ve heard us talk about the personal development guru, Zig Ziglar before. 
He talks about the need to F.O.C.U.S.
And F.O.C.U.S. means
We are constantly inundated with trendy new workout routines and fad diets.
And although it’s great to have all of this information at your fingertips, 
It does make you more likely to want to start one thing, 
Then get onto another thing, 
Then another,
And so on.
Most programs will work…
You just have to give them time to work,
Commit to them every day,
And put in a little effort.
Don’t get caught up in every new diet that comes up.
The goal is to keep the goal the goal.
So Follow One Course Until Successful. 

2. Your food Intake may be too low

This one is definitely less common, 
But not eating enough food can drop your metabolism.
Your body basically goes into famine mode and tries to hold onto its energy (fat) stores.
It thinks you may need that extra energy to stay alive. 
As a result, the activity of your thyroid, 
The metabolism epicentre of your body,
may slow right down. 
Jay Ferruggia suggests taking your body temperature in the morning for a few days in a row. 
If you are consistently below a normal temperature of 98.6 degrees, 
This may be the issue. 
And the only way to get your metabolism burning again is to eat more.
This will reset your metabolism,
And reboot your thyroid. 
Once your body temperature is at a consistent 98.6 degrees, 
Then you can try dropping your food intake by the minimal amount that elicits fat loss. 

3. You’re not surrounding yourself with the right people 

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to over-eat when others are over-eating? 
Or how easy it is to sit around and do nothing when others are sitting around and doing nothing? 
Conversely, do you notice how much better you eat when you’re around healthy folks? 
Or how you feel the need to work out when you are with others that regularly work out?
Jim Rohn says you’re a composite of the 5 people you frequent with the most. 
So, if you’re gym progress is stalling out, 
Take a look at who you’re hanging around with. 
If you need to level up, make some new fit-friends…
And maybe cut back on your time with the unfit ones.
Sounds harsh, I know, 
But, this is about your health…
Your fitness,
And your body. 

4. Your motivations aren’t driving you

Your reasons for working out, 
Staying healthy and fit, 
Or losing fat, 
Should be powerful. 
They should motivate you to action,
And they should come from deep within your soul. 
Now, I get it, we all want to look good naked. 
But, why do you want to look good naked?
Strip it down to the bare essentials.
Ask why five times to get to the truth. 
We often don’t identify compelling enough reasons to workout and stay fit,
That push you through the hard times, 
That peel your butt from the couch. 
But, how about being alive to walk your baby girl down the aisle? 
How about being alive to watch your son graduate high school?
How about being able to play with your grandkids? 
Now, that should jack you up. 
Dig down deep and find the real reasons why you need to take care of your body. 

5. You may have thyroid issues

Now, after you’ve checked the box on all of the above, 
And even the reasons from the last article
You can start looking at whether or not this is a thyroid issue. 
Again, the thyroid is your metabolism epicentre in the body, 
And conditions like hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s can make progress in the gym difficult. 
Talk to your doctor to get tested for these. 


Plateaus suck. 
There is nothing more defeating that putting in a bunch of effort and not seeing results. 
In fact, one of the strongest sources of motivation is progress. 
So, to get back on track and to start seeing progress again today, 
Check the box on the 5 reasons above and the 9 reasons here.
It’s usually not that complicated.
It’s usually just one or two little exceptions that need to be dialed back in and you’re back on track, baby. 
Go take action on them right now!  

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