Holiday Survival Tips

by | December 19, 2017 | Diet and Nutrition, Health

Eat slowly and eat until satisfied not stuffed

Put your fork down between bites

Drink water between bites

Contribute to the conversation after each bite

Don’t get too hungry before you eat your big meal

Try a super shake earlier in the day

1. Pick a liquid ie. almond milk, cashew milk, cow’s milk, water

2. Pick a fruit ie. frozen cherries

3. Pick a protein powder ie. chocolate, vanilla, fruit-flavoured

4. Pick a healthy fat ie. almond butter, coconut

5. Pick a vegetable ie. spinach, celery, kale

6. Pick a topper ie. cacao nibs, oats, cinnamon, coconut

7. Blend it all up

8. Drink…slowly and mindfully

Eat protein and colourful vegetables earlier in the day

Try some left-over chicken in a spinach salad

Sneak in exercise

Go for walks with family

Go build a snowman with your kids

If you want to get in a workout…

Grab a backpack and do 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps of the following superset:

A1. Backpack bear hug squats

A2. Backpack bent-over rows

And 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps of this superset:

B1. Backpack straight-leg deadlifts

B2. Push-ups

Then go back and hang with your family!

Practice “bouncing back”

Use an “off-meal” as a chance to bounce back at the next meal in order to work on your resiliency.

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