Janice has lost 15 pounds and 11 inches so far on the program

by | November 13, 2017 | Testimonials

“I have been working with Brent since May 15 and he is amazing. I have worked with two other personal trainers in the last couple of years and I find that he is by far the best. My first personal trainer was like a drill sergeant asking me to do exercises that were far above my physical capabilities and yelled at me when I was unable to complete them. The second one put together a program that was “generic” and could have been used for anyone. Most of the exercises were too easy and I quickly became bored with the program. Neither one of them asked me about my medical history or my goals.

Brent started our program by getting to know who I was and the reasons I wanted to work with a person trainer. He asked me what my goals were and made sure that they are realistic and achievable. He made sure I was there for the right reasons. We also discussed my medical history, physical challenges as well as eating and sleeping habits. My first week working with Brent was just to improve my eating habits so that I was fueling my body for the challenges ahead. He then set up an individual program, specific to my needs that would let him know where I was now so that he could set up further programs as I progressed. When mentioned I thought the first week was too easy and kind of boring, he asked me to explain why I thought this and adjusted my program to suit me. During our training session, he always asks me how each exercise is going and if it is causing any pain and will adjust as needed. He encourages questions to make sure I understand the reason behind each exercise. He keeps me challenged and interested in working out, which has not happened for me before. I have always found exercising boring and he is making it something I don’t find excuses not to do.

I would recommend Brent as a Personal Trainer to anyone who is looking to work with a caring person who will challenge you to achieve your goals”.

NOTE: Janice has lost 15 pounds and 11 inches so far on the program.

-Janice Howe

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