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by | October 3, 2017 | Fitness

Building Your Own Home Gym: It’s waaaay easier and more affordable than you think

I think a lot of times we get hung up on the fact that we need to go to a gym to get hot.

You feel the need to spend 20 minutes driving to the gym, one hour busting your ass once you get there and then driving another 20 minutes home.

If you’re doing this in the evening after work – your whole night is shot!

No time to help your son with his math homework.

No time to take your dogs for a walk.

No time to make a decent supper.

No time for anything other than that bloody workout.

But, what if there was another way?

What if you could get strong, lose fat and look hot in

less time,

With less driving,

Without losing an evening,

Without having to miss out on your kids’ lives,

Without losing your freakin’ mind.

We’re here to show you how.

There may be an initial investment in some equipment but guess what?

It’s no more than that gym membership that you’re paying for right now.

Why being strong matters

Women often worry about getting bulky from lifting heavy weights and therefore shy away from being too strong.

But, here’s the deal:

Being strong is a crucial factor in looking hot and looking lean.

Being strong gives your muscles definition – it makes you look goooood.

Also, it makes your better able to pick up and chase your kids and it gives you more staying-power in the garden.

Also, strength is what enables our independence and gives us functional capacity as we age.

Use large muscle, compound movements

Let me preface the “what you’ll need” portion of the article by talking about the exercises that are most beneficial for getting strong and therefore lean.

We know for sure that you can not spot reduce certain areas of your body. Fat comes off in a way that is particular to you.

So, you can’t do crunches to lose belly fat.

You can do dips to burn the fat off the back of your arms.

You can’t do thigh raises to burn the fat off your legs.

So, what does that leave us with?

Large muscle, compound movements that use up a ton of muscle mass.

Large movements like squats,




Hip thrusts

And Swings

Employ so much muscle mass (including the muscles in your core) and have such a total body metabolic effect that it is silly not to use these movements in a fat loss program.

The added benefit is that they are incredibly functional in that they make playing sports easier, they make walking your dog easier and they make your back hurt less (when done properly).

And hey, you don’t have a ton of time to spend working out, so you need to get the best bang for your buck.

There is no time to waste doing small exercises like dips and biceps curls.

To get the most out of your time so you can get results and still have a life, you need to learn how to do large muscle, compound exercises.

What you’ll need

1. Kettlebells

These things may be one of the best inventions in all of fitness. Brought over to North America by Pavel Tsatsouline in 1998, these are now a staple in gyms everywhere.

Not only do they challenge more muscle mass than an exercise machine at the gym, you can do so much more with them.

You can squat:

You can deadlift:

You can swing:

You can press:

And so much more!

The possibilities are endless.

And guess what?

You can get through a ton of progressions in your own home without having to drive to the gym, exercise and then drive back.

Also, they’ll take up very little space in your basement.

Typically, most women can get away with two 12kg kettlebells and one 8kg kettlebell.

Total cost of that is about $150.

You can check them out here.

Like we said, there is a ton of progressions you can go through to start looking hot:

a. Squats:

For Squats, you can do:

Body weight squats

Then once you get good at those, you can move to

Goblet Squats w/ 8kg


Goblet Squat w/ 12kg


Goblet 1 1/4 squat w/ 12kg


Offset 2-Kb front squat w/ 8kg + 12kg


Then 2-KB front squat w/ 12kg + 12kg


Rear-foot elevated split squats – 12kg + 8kg


Rear-foot elevated split squats – 12kg + 12kg

Look at all those possibilities – all from THREE kettlebells!

b. Deadlifts

Let’s take a look at deadlifts.

Start with a hinge

Then progress to:

Assisted 1-leg deadlift

KB straight-leg deadlift w/ 12kg + 8kg

Then to

KB straight leg deadlift w/ 12kg + 12kg

Then to

Assisted Kettlebell 1-leg deadlift w/ 8kg


Assisted 1-leg deadlift w/ 12kg


1-kettlebell, 1-leg deadlift w/ 8kg


1-kettlebell, 1-leg deadlift w/ 12kg


2-kettlebell, 1-leg deadlift w/ 8kg + 12kg


2-kettlebell, 1-leg deadlift w/ 12kg + 12kg

One final note on deadlifts, if you can single-leg deadlift 1/2 your body weight for 3 reps – you are strong! That means, for fat loss, your issue is not strength, it is your nutritional habits…and we can help you out with that too. Check out this article here.

2. Suspension trainer

Back in 1997, a Navy SEAL named Randy Hetrick needed a way to work out while on deployment.

He came up with the first version of the suspension trainer using a jiu jitsu belt and parachute webbing.

Well, these have been god’s greatest gift to the home gym since Richard Simmons exercise tapes.

As far as exercises you can do for fat loss, this is one of my absolute favourites:


And here’s the deal – it does’t require fancy variations, all you need to do to make movements harder is to move closer to the anchor point and to make it easier, move away from the anchor point.

Such an awesome tool.

You can get these for about $50 from here.

3. Pull-up bar

Let me tell you, there is something pretty magical about hitting your first pull-up or chin-up.

The ladies we have worked with have described it as liberating being able to move your body that way.

And here’s the beauty of using this movement for fat loss – the more fat you lose, the easier the movement gets. It’s almost like an additional reward for all of your hard work.

You can get a run of the mill chin-up bar from almost anywhere for about 50-300.

We like this one.

Just make sure you safely mount the bar on the door frame. This may require reinforcing the anchor points of the frame.

The other thing that comes in handy when doing chin-ups and pull-ups are some bands to assist you.

Here is where you can find some, but they are not absolutely necessary to your home gym.

Nonetheless, here is the progression we use with our ladies:

Pull-up hangs (1 rep = 3second hold)


Pull-up hang w/ active shoulders


Chin-up – top hold for 1 second


Chin-up – eccentric for 3s


Chin-up 1/4


Chin-up 1/2


Chin-up 3/4


Full chin-up


Full pull-up

Again, you can use bands at any point in the progression to assist you.

One final note on chin-ups, if you can do 3 chin-ups (not pull-ups, those are harder) – you are strong! That means, for fat loss, your issue is not strength it is your nutritional habits…and we can help you out with that too. Check out this article here.

3. Your body

You take it with you everywhere you go and we often forget the beauty of the human body – it’s ability to move freely in space and the ability of our joints to be taken through their ranges of motion. It is a masterpiece in and of itself.

Out of the exercises we do, ones where we just use the body are some of my favourites for fat loss.

We are going to go through a classic exercise that uses a ton of muscle, engages your glutes and core and can really accelerate your progress to being a hot mama.

The push-up.

Note that any of these movements can be assisted with a resistance band.

Check it out here:

Here is the progression we use for push-ups:

Push-up from knees

Push-up – toes down, knees up

1/2 Push-up – toes

Push-up – toes

1-foot push-up

Spiderman push-up

Putting it all together

So, we just went through 4 awesome moves for fat loss

A squat

A deadlift

A push (push-up)

And pulls (pull-up and suspension trainer row)

That right there is a pretty awesome workout.

You can pair up exercises to really save on time:

For example, Squat w/ Rows or Deadlifts w/ push-ups.

As far as sets and reps go, we can save that for another time. If you are interested in how to go about setting your rep and set schemes for fat loss, feel free to download this free workout using the progressions we have outlined here.


Having the ability to get a lean, strong body in the comfort of your own home not only saves time but it could actually save you money. Again, all you really need are a few kettlebells, a suspension trainer and a pull-up bar if you really want to have your family near when you exercise and you want to cut down on entire evenings spent at the gym.

Just keep in mind that the majority of your fat loss will come from dialing in your nutritional habits, but that doesn’t mean that exercise won’t expedite the process and make you look hotter than with nutrition alone.

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