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Tim Grover is a trainer to some of the NBA’s best,  
Maybe you know some of them…
Dwyane Wade, 
Michael Jordan. 
So, this guy knows a thing or two about what it takes to be successful. 
In his book, Relentless, Tim discusses what he thinks separates these guys from the rest.  
And here’s the deal…
many of the principles that make these guys successful can be used on your journey too. 
Whether you’re looking to lose fat, 
Look and feel better, 
Or become a better athlete, 
Having a Relentless mindset is an asset. 
That’s why we wanted to outline the strategies of some of the greatest athletes of all time
And how you can use them to be Relentless in the pursuit of your goals.
Do you have to become an obsessed- and addicted success fiend?
No, you don’t.  
But there is a huge benefit to applying some of these principles in your life. 

What does it mean to be Relentless? 

According to the Grover, being Relentless means it’s never enough to get to the top. 
You want to stay at the top,
And once you’re at the top, 
You still want to achieve greater, 
Get more, 
Do more, 
And never settle. 
You are unstoppable. 
Your constant pursuit for getting what you want fuels your drive to get there. 
Settling for good enough is just not a part of who you are.
You want to be the best, 
Nothing less, 
And a whole lot more. 


Coolers, closers, and cleaners

In the book, Grover also talks about three types of athletes:
And cleaners. 
A cooler is careful, 
They wait to be told what to do, 
They watch for what others and doing and then follow them,
They care about what those people think, 
They can handle pressure when things are going well, 
But usually, pass the ball to a closer or a cleaner when times get tough. 
A closer can get things done when needed. 
Tell them what to do, 
How to do it,
And when to do it, 
And they’ll get it done. 
They anticipate, plan and strategize, 
But they get uncomfortable when something unexpected comes up that they didn’t prepare for. 
They care what others think and seek assurance and approval from others. 
A cleaner is someone who takes responsibility for everything. 
A cleaner is cool, calm and unflappable in the face of pressure. 
They never get too high, 
And never drop too low. 
Grover talks about the custodian who works overnight. 
They call no attention to themselves, 
No one sees them work,
No one sees what they do, 
But they just put their noses down, 
 do the work,
and get the result. 
Now, the world has all sorts of people and that’s totally cool. 
We need a mix to make the world go around, 
But borrowing and possibly developing some of the traits of the Relentless few 
Can ratchet up your game to the next level. 
Here are 8 ways to becoming Relentless:

1. Don’t care about what others think

The world is going to be full of people that try to bring you down in your journey to becoming more fit. 
Now, maybe it won’t be blatant and on purpose,
But they are going to order massive meals, 
Chow down on desserts in front of you,
Crush 8 drinks at the bar,
And sit around and do nothing. 
Don’t worry about what they’re doing, 
And especially don’t join them. 
You can enjoy a night out with others by practicing moderation. 
You know, like a small dessert, 
1 drink, 
And sitting down to watch one show and then getting up to do something. 
There comes a point when you need to do what you do, 
And stick to your game plan. 
Reaching the next level requires doing what others are not willing to do. 
And not caring about what they think when you do it. 
This can include ordering “healthier” foods at restaurants, 
Holding off on the bread basket, 
Limiting drinks to 1-2 at a social event, 
Taking containers of food to work,
Bringing healthy foods to potlucks, 
And continuing to stay focused on attacking your workout when you think people are watching you (everyone is so worried about themselves anyway, they aren’t worried about you)


2. Raise your standards 

Tony Robbins talks a lot about this. 
The standards you set for yourself will ultimately be the thermostat of your life. 
If your standards are set to 3 workouts per week, 
Vegetables and protein at every meal, 
Eating slowly and mindfully, 
And sleeping 7-9 hours per night, 
Then you will usually find a way to get back to these standards…
Even when times get tough. 
But, if your standards are set low, 
Like Kraft Mac and Cheese, 
And laying on the couch for an entire Sunday, 
Then you will usually find a way to get back to those standards. 
Another way to look at standards is by having non-negotiables. 
This could be that no matter what happens in a day, you walk 20 minutes.
If you miss your workout, you do a 20-minute body-weight circuit. 
And if you can’t control the food type and quality you eat, you still eat slowly and mindfully. 

3. Watch out for external rewards

This is where your “big why” comes in. 
Having a big reason why you want to get into shape can pull you through the tough times. 
Maybe it’s being alive to see your daughter walk down the aisle, 
Maybe it’s being intimate with your partner, 
Maybe it’s having the energy to play with your grandkids, 
Whatever it is, these big whys are deep within you. 
They make you tick. 
They float your boat. 
But, if you set a reward like a fancy watch, 
A new car, 
Or a shopping spree, 
What happens when you remove the reward?
Will you resort back to your prior behaviour? 
Rewards can be okay but it’s important to have something to fall back onto after you reach them. 
Again, that’s the big why.
Look for it.
Know it.
Use it often. 

4. Don’t sink to the level of others around you 

Again, others around you are going to try to bring you down. 
Don’t let them. 
Your environment shapes your behaviour. 
So, if you’re surrounded by people who eat candy for breakfast, 
And talk ill about their partners, 
Guess what happens?
You start to see that behaviour as normal and okay. 
Know your own moral compass and stick to it. 
surround yourself with “A” players. 
Whether that’s a coach that you can be accountable to, 
fit friends, 
Or fit family members, 
Just find a few rock-stars for your inner circle. 
And if you have to be around people that aren’t living the way you want to, 
notice and name when you are succumbing to behaviours not consistent with who you want to be.  
And If you can, 
make others rise up to the level you want to live at. 

5. Know who you are and what you stand for

We love this part.
Knowing who you are and what you stand for becomes not only your moral compass, 
But your “big why”. 
It provides a rationale for doing what you’re doing.
So, when you’re eating half of a dessert instead of 6,
When you’re packing your vegetables the night before, 
When you’re planning for-, shopping for- and preparing meals, 
You know why. 

6. Act 

Don’t be one of those people that takes in so much information that they forget to act. 
When it comes down to it,
action is more important than more information.
Now, I am a pretty voracious reader, 
but I never read a book without taking action on one of the things I read about. 
And here’s the other thing, I am a master of imperfect action. 
I just take action.
You know why? 
Because you’re wasting time not acting. 
And while you’re reading up on information and not taking action,
The circumstances are changing, 
And your plan is becoming irrelevant. 
Inaction is a form of action and it’s the wrong one…
Even if your action doesn’t work, at least you discovered what not to do next time. 

7. Feedback, not failure 

This is gold.
The best in the world don’t see failure, 
They see feedback. 
As in feedback of what didn’t work,
What not to do, 
And how to approach it differently next time. 
There is no failure in your journey to getting back into shape, 
Only feedback.  

8. Keep pushing yourself when everyone else has had enough

This one is not for everyone, 
But I wanted to throw it in here…
Almost as a bonus point. 
Cleaners take satisfaction in the fact that they are still grinding when others have given up. 
When others lay down and quit, cleaners know the greatest benefit is on the other side of that difficulty.
Just like my favourite book, The Obstacle Is The Way discusses, 
“The impediment to action advances action.”
“What stands in the way, is the way.” 
This applies to everything.
You can’t seem to eat slow because you feel rushed all the time?
Deal with the rushing and reap the benefits on the other side.
You have no time to prepare meals because you’re busy every night of the week?
Figure it out and reap the benefits on the other side of the obstacle.
You have knee or back pain, seek help, 
Strengthen it up, 
And unlock a whole world of possibilities in your movement.  
Some of the most successful people in the world were at one point handed incredible adversity,
But they dealt with it and now they are reaping the benefits of their expanded potential. 
When others want to quit, just recognize that you are usually just a step away from a breakthrough. 
The night is always darkest before the dawn. 

A word of caution

Now, this book was an interesting look into the mindsets of some of the world’s greatest. 
But, keep in mind, that self-compassion still plays a major role in your ability to lose fat and get back into shape. 
Coming down on yourself and beating yourself up doesn’t work. 
As much as you think putting yourself down and telling yourself to “smarten up and get back on track” works all the time, 
we know that it’s better to think of what a wise mentor would tell you, 
think about how you are probably not the only person in the world going through this,
and also to practice mindfulness around the situation. 



The world’s greatest athletes didn’t just wake up one day and become great. 
They took the steps every day to get better. 
They took a Relentless approach to be the people we all see them as today.  
We never see the blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice that goes into becoming a professional athlete on some of the biggest stages in the world. 
At one point, these guys all got started. 
They took one step, 
Then they built on that step, 
Then they fell, 
Then they figured out why they fell, 
Then they course-corrected, 
then they got back on the path to greatness. 
They are no different than you or me. 
They were just willing to stick it out through the hard times a little longer,
With a little more dogged-persistence,
And a little more relentlessness. 
Use the strategies in this article to take your health, 
Your body,
And your performance to the next level. 

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