A Rock Solid Trunk For Whopping Dingers Down the Fairway

by | July 27, 2017 | Fitness


  • • The true role of the core in golf is to transfer the force you generate in your legs to your club and into the ball
  • • having a weak core is like shooting a canon off a canoe, the instability of the canoe on the water will prevent optimal accuracy and maximal drive distance
  • • conversely, having a solid set of core muscles is like shooting a canon off solid ground. That ball is going is fly!


  • • should feel in abs NOT low back
  • • abs stay engaged the whole time
  • • start with 5-6/sd and build up
  • • regress by doing legs only

glute bridge

  • • abs tight
  • • squeeze butt tight and lift
  • • start w/ 8-10 reps and build up
  • • It is not an inherently difficult exercise but you make it hard by focusing on squeezing that butt

Side plank

  • • squeeze butt and abs entire time
  • • straight line from nose to toes
  • • straight line from ear to ankle
  • • 2-3 reps of 10 sec holds per side and build up
  • • regress by anchoring on knees not feet

Supine leg whips

  • • hips staying point up to sky
  • • abs stay engaged
  • • “resist the twist”
  • • 8 reps per side and build up
  • • regress by dropping hips to ground and swinging out

Thanks boys.

Talk soon.

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