The Kitchen Make-Over

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Okay, so you don’t have the willpower lose fat,

You try and try to resist sweets, treats and take-out,

You even hold off all-day,

but then you get home,

you’re tired,

you’re worn-out,

and you don’t even care any more.

You walk into your kitchen that is stocked full of Doritos,




and other processed and packaged foods.

Well, what the hell did you think would happen?

Remember Berardi’s first law,

“If a food is in your house or possession, either you, someone you love, or someone you marginally tolerate, will eventually eat it.”

If it’s there, it’s probably going to get crushed by you or your family.

So, this is more than just you…

it’s about your family too,

and giving your kids a fighting chance to not be fat-asses.


So much of what we do is driven by what is around us.

We talked about that here.

Precision Nutrition indicates that your environment around you could affect your fat loss in the following ways:

i. We eat more from bigger bowls than smaller ones

ii. We eat more candy from dishes that are closer to us compared to dishes that are further away.

iii. Our eating speed is determined largely by how fast the people around us are eating.

iv. Many of us are hard-wired to eat until the plate is licked clean, the bowl is empty or the last drop of pop is drunk from the glass.

v. If we munch and watch TV, we eat more food the longer we watch.

So, our environment shapes our decisions more so than any motivation we can conjure up or any willpower that we try to express.

If we keep foods that are not conducive to our goals out of our physical space (ie. our kitchen) and our mental space (ie. tuning out advertisements for food) then you put yourself on the path to dropping some fat and making your family healthier in the process too!

The kitchen makeover

Not only is it usually the meeting place of the home and the metaphorical centre of your universe,

the kitchen is where much of your fat loss will happen.

You, of course, need to exercise and recover properly, but your nutritional habits will be the magic that makes it happen.

You just can’t get around that.

The kitchen is where that magic happens.

So, it needs to be stocked full of the good stuff,

rid of the other stuff,

and adequately equipped.

Basically, the kitchen make-over:

i. Surrounds you with the right stuff to make good decisions easy

ii. Removes the temptations that make good decisions difficult

How it works

1. Identify red-, yellow- and green-light foods

For more on this, check out this article here.

2. Have a crucial conversation

The people in your life are part of the environment around you.

They bring food into your kitchen,

they eat with you,

they sometimes prepare your food,

and they may even put the TV on at dinner.

So, increase your chances of success by telling the people in your life that you would like to get back in shape and the things they can do to help.

This could include:

Not bringing your red-light foods into the house

or bringing them in limited quantities if they are not willing to go cold-turkey.

Bringing more green-light foods into the house.

Designating a his and hers shelf in the pantry and/or fridge.

The book, Crucial Conversations outlines a great method to approach this conversation:

i. Be honest, but be respectful of the fact that your spouse may not be of the same mindset right now.

ii. State the facts ie. the kitchen has Doritos, Cheetos, cupcakes and cake in it.

iii. Tell your story ie. These are red-light foods that make it difficult for me to lose fat

Then, ask them to tell their story.

Another method that really helps with this one is to define a mutual purpose.

This is an agree-upon reason as to why this is beneficial to all people involved.

For example, you both care about the well-being of your kids and you both want them to grow up to be happy and healthy.

Therefore, filling the kitchen with fresh, nutritious, low-processed, unpackaged foods will help provide an environment where that is possible.

3. Remove red-light foods

Throw out the foods that you make you feel out-of-control,

make you sick,

and are hard to eat slowly and mindfully.

Don’t worry about wasting this food.

This stuff barely qualifies as food anyway.

Also, throw out expired foods


foods in your freezer you have guilt-fully avoided every time you dip your head in there.

4. Stock up on green-light foods

Fill up your countertop with your favourite fresh fruits,

fill up your crisper with fresh veggies,

stock up on your green-light smart carbs,

grab some delicious healthy fats,

and, of course, load up on your favourite lean protein.

As much as we emphasize ditching your red-light foods,

the kitchen make-over is more about adding the good stuff in.

It makes healthy choices easy!

5. Gear up

The last thing is to ensure you have the equipment necessary to take care of business.

Here’s a basic list of what every healthy kitchen should have:

Cutlery – choose smaller sizes to encourage slower eating

Bowls and plates – again, choose smaller sizes if possible.

Mixing bowls


Food processor

Mixing spoons


Baking sheets

Casserole dishes


Rice cooker

Cookware set (pots and pans)


Vegetable peeler

Cutting board


Measuring cups and spoons



Tupperware containers


The world around you is full of temptations that are trying to pull you away from your goals.

You can’t really control the world out there,

but you can usually control the world inside of your home.

Make that world conducive to losing fat, getting in shape and making your kids healthy by:

having a crucial conversation with those around you about your goals,

having a kitchen full of green light-foods and the tools to prepare them,

and having a kitchen void of red-light foods.

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