Toughen Up!

by | March 20, 2018 | Diet and Nutrition, Health

Okay, you’ve cleaned out your kitchen.

All of your red-light foods are out of the house.

You’ve put your gym bag next to the front door,

so it will be ready to go in the morning.

You’ve even prepped your lunch.

It’s full of colourful veggies, smart carbs, healthy fats and lean protein.

But, there’s still something missing.

McDonald’s still beckons as you drive past after work,

BDI is just a short drive away,

And you could easily just watch “This Is Us” on Netflix instead of working out tonight.

Regardless of all of your attempts to control your environment,

and regardless of all the reasons why you should eat well and exercise,

You still need to show some self-control every once and while.

Again, you might be working the periphery of the grocery store,

but those Oreos are still calling your name.

Your workout clothes may be laid out on your dresser,

But it’s still pretty easy to ignore them and ditch the workout today.

Your kitchen might be stocked up with green-light foods,

but it’s pretty easy to call up domino’s and order a pizza (plus, if you destroy your pizza after pick-up, you’re covered by their pizza carryout insurance).

What all of this means is that sometimes you just need to use mental toughness.

You need to exert self-control.

You need to be disciplined.

You need to delay gratification in the moment to get some long-term happiness.

Sometimes, willpower is just what the doctor ordered.

And we’re going to tell you the easiest way to fill up that prescription.

The old willpower

We once thought that willpower was a depleting resource.

Something that got used up throughout the day.

And that too many choices reduced our willpower.

And guess what, since people believed this was true,

It turned out to be true for them.


The new willpower

We now know that the way you view willpower determines the willpower you get from a situation.

Viewing willpower as a depleting resource that diminishes throughout the day causes that very thing to happen.

Willpower will decrease throughout the day if you believe it will decrease throughout the day.


If you believe that tasks requiring willpower make subsequent tasks requiring willpower easier, then that is true.

Come on?

Talk about the power of the mind right there.


Let me say that again.

Exerting willpower in one situation makes other situations in your life requiring willpower easier.

You just have to believe this to be true.

This gives credence to the concept of “do it anyway”.

So, how do you do this?

Number 1, ask:

1-what do you currently believe about willpower?

If you believe that it is a depleting resource that gets drained throughout the day, then change your beliefs, honey.

If you believe willpower makes other tasks requiring willpower easier, keep doing your thing, girl.

3-Reframe how you look at tasks requiring willpower.

For example, “I don’t feel like making the bed today, but I am going to do it anyway because I know it will make meal prep easier later today”.

When you go to meal prep, you could say “I am going to rock this meal prep because I know it will help me eat slowly and mindfully when I do eat it”.

As you go prepare to eat your meal slowly and mindfully, you could say “I am going to have the discipline to eat slowly and mindfully because I know it will make going to the gym tomorrow much easier”.

How friggin’ exciting is this?

Everything keeps building on itself.

A little discipline here gives you a little more over there.

A little willpower there gives you a little more over here.

So, this simple reframe of how you view tasks requiring willpower will change the game for you.

It definitely did for me.


Whether you view willpower as something out of your control,

As in, something that depletes throughout the day,

Or whether you believe willpower to be within your control,

As in, something that gets easier the more you do it,

You’re right.

So, shift the control to you and watch the magic of willpower make fat loss, getting back in shape and looking and feeling better that much easier.

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