Turn back the clock…well, slow it down at least

by | May 21, 2019 | Fitness

We often see aging as this undeniable, 
deteriorating process that can’t be avoided. 
But how about the good things that come with age…
Strengthening of your relationships. 
It’s not all bad….
And guess what? 
From a physical perspective,
Age-related changes to bone,
And body systems can be largely mitigated with the right training. 
Three things you can really fight back on include 
Muscular strength and power,
And rotation.
This article will teach you how. 
Not only will you be able to bust your ass up and down the ice and field, 
You’ll look and feel better, 
And be able to better live your day-to-day life. 

1. Mobility

Mobility allows you to move your joints through their full range of motion safely. 
Lunges = mobility. 
Squatting = mobility.
Whipping your arm back when you throw = mobility. 
Rotating through your upper back to whop a dinger = mobility. 
But, with age, your muscles lose some of their elasticity, 
they lose some of their water content,
And they increase in stiffness. 
As in, the once flexible and supple tissues in your joints and muscles,  
Become stiff and immobile. 
Thus, shutting down your ability to take those joints through their full range of motion. 
This obviously impedes your ability to play with your kids,
Play sports, 
And even do your day-to-day activities. 
But, the good thing is that, again, 
Staying on top of your mobility can help mitigate any substantial losses with age. 
Here’s what to do: 
i. Use strength training exercises that take the joints through their full range of motion. 
This can include things like straight-leg deadlifts,
Split squats,
And push-ups. 
Strength training through a full range-of-motion is one of the best ways to stay on top of your mobility.
It’s basically stretching on steroids as there is load being applied to your stretch. 
ii. Carve out 10-15 minutes every day to do a mobility routine. 
Or even start with 5 minutes and build up. 
If you’re so busy that you don’t have 5 minutes to do this, 
Then you probably need 10 minutes. 
Here’s a great routine to start you off
iii. Move more
As mentioned above, 
one of the major contributors to decreased mobility with age is inactivity. 
So, don’t succumb to the inertia of the couch,
Or bed.
Walk to the store.
Get out and play in the backyard. 
Take your pup for a walk.
And if you have to sit, 
set a timer to move every 20-60 minutes. 

2. Strength and power

With age, one of the unfortunate changes to muscles is that they are replaced by fat and connective tissue. 
As in muscle goes away, 
And fat takes its place. 
Muscle is force- and power producing tissue,
Fat is not. 
And without that muscle, 
Your strength and power will decrease. 
So, picking up heavy shit – forget about it. 
Big clappers from the point – no way. 
Whipping up the stairs – nope. 
But, with regular strength training exercise, 
Much of these age-related changes to muscle can be reversed. 
So, again, strength training is where it’s at. 
Here are some guidelines:
Do it 3-4 times per week
Use large muscle, compound movements like squats, 
And presses. 
It probably wouldn’t hurt to jump, 
And throw stuff as well.
This can be done for a maximum of 10 seconds, 
For 2-3 sets, 
2-3 days per week.

3. Rotation

Rotation is involved in chucking baseballs, 
Kicking soccer balls, 
Whipping discs, 
Changing direction on the court, 
Taking slapshots, 
And even cooking in the kitchen. 
So, it’s not like you can just avoid it.
The areas of the body to focus on here are the hips and upper back. 
So, to stay on top of your rotation: 
i. Keep moving (do you sense a theme here?)
ii. Add rotational mobility moves to your 10-15 minute mobility routine.
These can include: 
Butt-to-wall thoracic rotation
Side-lying extension rotation 
Front-foot-elevated hip flexor mob with rotation
iii. Add some rotational power moves to your strength training
It’s great to work on your rotational mobility, 
But, you need to add a little zip to it as well. 
So, try a little bit of this…
iv. Finally, playing sports with a rotational component is one of the most fun ways to stay on top of your rotational power. 
Play hockey,
Play ball.
Or golf. 


Many of us get caught up in this trap that getting old is something inevitable that we can’t stop. 
But, the truth is that you can do a ton to reverse much of the changes that happen with age. 
To sum it all up…
Strength train 3-4 times per week using full range of motion in big, compound movements.
Add a 10-15 minute mobility routine to your day. 
Jump, throw and sprint.
Play sports.
And most of all, just keep moving! 

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