About a year ago, 
a couple of old friends approached me and asked to open up a studio in their new badminton facility.
I said no.
Then I thought about it….
We’ve always wanted to have our own space. 
A place where we could set things up our way,
Play our own jams,
Outfit it with our own gear, 
And create a community for people to get strong. 
So, we decided to go for it.
It opened up last week. 
And we’re loving the space.
Below are some pics and a few of the things we wanted to prioritize in the gym.

1. Simplicity

The space doesn’t have a ton of gear,
Or fancy treadmills,
Or crazy machines, 
Just the bare-bone essentials necessary to get a great workout. 
So, you know, things like 
Dumbbells and barbells, 
Turf and a sled,
Cable machines,
Medicine balls,
Stability balls,
Suspension trainers,
And kettlebells.
All the things necessary to do big,
Bang-for-your-buck exercises that build strength,
Rev up your metabolism, 
Use a ton of muscle,
And force the body to stabilize itself in all planes of motion.
That’s what real-life performance training is all about. 

2. Multi-use for each piece of equipment

The space isn’t huge, 
So we wanted pieces of equipment that served more than one purpose.
Just like we love getting bang-for-our-buck for every exercise, 
We wanted to get bang-for-our-buck for every piece of equipment.
So, the squat rack allows you to do squats, 
Rack pulls,
Hands-elevated push-ups,
Suspension trainer rows, 
Inverted rows, 
And hip thrusts.
The cable unit also allows you to do chin-ups, 
Suspension trainer exercises, 
The barbells allow you to do bench presses,
Sumo deadlifts, 
Overhead presses,
Landmine press, 
Landmine squats
And so on. 
Kettlebells allow you to squat, 
Get up, 
Cleans and so much more. 
Suspension trainers allow you to do leg curls, 
Core exercises like planks and fallouts, 
Arm exercises,
And more. 
We wanted our gear to minimize it’s footprint and get as many movements from it as possible. 

3. Trap bar platforms

The longer we’ve been in the game, 
the more we’d rather just do trap bar deadlifts over conventional deadlifts. 
Not that there is anything inherently wrong with conventional deadlifts, 
It’s just that trap bar deadlifts feel better to us, 
Holding a neutral grip is easier on your hands, 
They are easier to learn
And as a result, 
You can train them harder sooner. 

4. 360-degree view 

From a coaching perspective,
We wanted to be able to see everything.
As in, we wanted to be able to stand in almost any point in the gym and see everything that was going on. 
No blind spots, 
No form slips.
You can stand in the middle of the gym and see the racks, 
The dumbbell area, 
The turf,
The cables, 
The airdyne, 
No problem.
Same thing with the back corner of the gym. 
The sight lines lend themselves perfectly to coaching. 

5. Efficiency

We are kind of efficiency nerds.
And when we first learned how Eric Cressey and Mike Boyle set up their gyms,
We knew one day we would do the same thing. 
The gym is set up in a horseshoe shape, 
In the way you do your workout. 
You start with your warm-up on the turf, 
Then you do your jumps and throws,
Then you hit the dumbbells and racks, 
Then you hit your cardio. 
Pure efficiency, baby! 


So, that’s our new space. 
We love it! 
It’s so amazing for us to walk in and just look at it. 
My 15-year old self gives me high-5’s every time I do. 
Sometimes we just lay on the turf and take it all in.
Feel free to hit us up to come to check it out. 
We’d love to have you come to see it 🙂
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