What gets measured gets managed

by | July 23, 2019 | Diet and Nutrition, Fitness, Health, Sleep

I recently started working with a coach on our financials. 
And It’s been incredibly enlightening for me. 
I have always struggled with money management, 
Asking for money, 
Tracking financials,
You name it. 
So, I get it when people struggle to get in shape, 
Because I struggle to get into financial shape!
So I sought out a master.
A super, Jedi-ninja of finances…
Who also owns a gym. 
This guy knows what’s up.
He had me set up my bank accounts so I could better track and manage where our money was going. 
Nothing crazy, 
But the simple process of measuring how much money was going to each account, 
Was enough for me to start seeing change. 
This helped reinforce the age-old notion from the father of modern management, Peter Drucker, 
That what get’s measured
Gets managed. 
Let’s look at this concept as it applies to the four pillars of health and fitness. 

Measuring and managing your workouts 

A workout journal is an incredibly simple tool you can use to track your progress in the gym. 
You’ll know if you are getting stronger, 
You’ll see where your numbers are.
You’ll be accountable to the journal. 
And you’ll have a basis to work from when trying setting up future programs.  
Write down your exercises,
Write down your sets and reps, 
Write down the weight you’re using, 
Write down if an exercise feels easy,
Write down if an exercise feels really hard,
And write down how you feel before and after the workout.  

Measuring and managing your nutrition

Track what you eat and see what happens. 
It’s so simple, 
but the awareness of knowing that you have to commit all of the food you put in your mouth to a journal, 
Is enough to ask…
“Damn! Do, I want to eat that?”
You won’t want to write in the “bad” stuff, 
And you may just not eat it. 
Awareness is a beautiful thing, 
And it’s the first step to change. 
Read more about food journals here

Measuring and managing your mindset

You can do this in a ton of ways. 
Tracking the number of times you have a negative thought. 
The number of times you talk shit about someone. 
The number of times you gossip. 
The number of times you bounce back from something difficult. 
The number of times you identify obstacles as opportunities. 
Or even just a simple gratitude journal. 
That last one is a great starting point,
But any of the above will do! 

Measuring and managing your recovery

When it comes to recovery,
Stress management and sleep are your bread and butter. 
Getting enough sleep is simple (but not easy)…
You can track your sleep with the old school method of using pen and paper. 
Or you can use one of many different technologies to track your sleep:
Apple watches, 
Or an Oura ring.
Stress management could be anything from managing the stress from your workouts with 
Float therapy,
Regular physiotherapy, 
Foam rolling,
Or deep breathing after a workout. 
But it can also include things like practicing deep breathing when in busy traffic,
Controlling what you can in certain situations and “letting go” of what you cannot, 
And regular meditation. 
These stress management techniques can be recorded in a stress management journal. 
Here is an awesome one from Coaching Canada. 
Alternatively, you can track your recovery using more sophisticated technology like Morpheus.


Awareness is a key ingredient in making change. 
As in, nothing changes without your awareness of what’s actually going on. 
The simple act of bringing your intended behaviour to the forefront of your mind each and every day is sometimes all that is needed to 
Lose fat, 
Build muscle, 
Get stronger, 
Feel better, 
Move better, 
Look better, 
And live a happier,
Healthier life.

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