What’s the one thing?

by | July 9, 2019 | Diet and Nutrition, Fitness, Health, Sleep

One of the constant battles I have in my life is doing too many things at once. 
And in so doing, 
Getting nowhere. 
It wasn’t until I read “The One Thing” that I really started to grasp the concept that less is more. 
As in, I can try to be super-ambitious and get a bunch of important things done, 
Or I can be mature about it,
Make a decision to focus on one important thing,
The most important thing,
And attack it with the same energy that I would apply to several different tasks.
Think about it…
You only have so much energy and time in a day.
You can have 10 “priorities” and give 10% of your energy and 30 minutes of your time to each,
Or you can have 1 priority and give 100% of your energy and 5 hours of your time to that one thing. 
You are still investing 5 hours of time and 100% of your energy. 
You can’t go over that. 
Well, the same thing applies to your health and fitness. 
Just like Leo Babauta says in “The Power of Less”,
If you take on one new habit, you’ll have an 85% success rate.
If you take on two new habits, you’ll have a 35% success rate. 
If you take on 3 or more habits, you’ll have less than 10% success rate. 
So, it really comes down to choosing one thing to prioritize in each area of your health and fitness.
Let’s explore…

The focusing question

When it comes to determining your one thing, 
You really have to put your big-boy pants on…
You have to make a real-life, 
adult decision. 
Again, you can only pick one thing.
What’s it going to be?
The focusing question helps you pick the right one. 
So ask yourself
“What’s the one thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will become easy or unnecessary?”
This question is right from the book.
And here’s the deal…
You probably already know what your one thing is.
You probably don’t need to overthink it.
It usually sticks out like a sore thumb.
So identify it.
Set it as a goal,
And take action on it. 
Let’s explore the focusing question for some of the pillars of health and fitness. 


What’s the one thing you can do to dial in your nutrition?
Is it…
Eating lean protein at each meal? 
Eating smart carbs
Eating fruits and veggies at each meal?
Eating a better breakfast?
Eating a better lunch?
Eating a better supper?
Decreasing night-time boredom and stress eating?
Have a super-shake for breakfast? 
Shutting off the TV when you eat?


What’s the one thing you can do to get stronger and more fit?
Is it…
Getting a gym buddy?
Joining a fitness class?
Going for a walk at lunch?
Walking your pup after work?
Planning your workouts?
Scheduling your workouts in your calendar?


What’s the one thing you can do to reduce stress?
Is it…
Eliminating negative Nellys from your life?
Taking an Epsom salt bath every night?
Meditating for 10 minutes at lunch?
Hitting up a float tank once per week?
Getting a massage once per week?
Scheduling family time?
Doing a brain dump at the end of your workday? 
Leaving your phone in another room in the evening?


What’s the one thing you can do to get a better sleep
Is it…
Getting black-out blinds?
Setting a reverse alarm for 60 minutes before bed?
Shutting off screens 30-60 minutes before bed?
Taking an Epsom salt bath before bed?
Stretching and foam rolling before bed?
Meditating before bed?
Doing a brain dump before bed?
Journalling before bed?
Having a cup of chamomile tea before bed?
Not napping after 4 pm?
Abstaining from caffeine 8 hours before bed?
Abstaining from work 2 hours before bed?
Getting more sunlight early in the day?

The big kahuna

Now, ask yourself, of the one things you’ve identified…
what’s the one thing that will have the greatest impact on your total, overall health. 
As in, what’s the ONE THING of your one things?
Take action on it right now.
You can still do the other things, 
But only after you have done your ONE THING. 


We all want to get stuff done in our lives, 
And we want it done yesterday.
There is this myth that we can get it all done at once,
And it’s just not true. 
To really be successful in changing habits, 
You need to pick one habit.
The most important habit, 
The habit that will make all other habits easy or even unnecessary. 
Identify that habit today,
Your “One thing”
And get to work on it RIGHT NOW!

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