You’re Messing With Your Manhood

by | August 8, 2017 | Fitness

There could be several reasons why you may not be losing fat.

Eating well and exercise are two reasons that always come to mind,

but there could be a hidden reason lurking in your office,

in the recesses of your mind,

And in the activities we choose to engage in every day.

You may not even know it’s there, but it could be messing with your your fat loss and even messing with your manhood.

A day in the life….

You wake up after a 5-hour sleep.

You then race to the shower.

You brush your teeth.

You grab a cup of coffee for the road.

You say goodbye to your family knowing it is going to be 12 hours before you see any of them again.

Your wife reminds you about that thing you have to go to tonight.

You crawl through traffic and the taxi behind you is blaring his horn at god knows what.

You get to work and someone stole your parking spot.

You check your email and you have 18 important, “act-now” fires that need to be put out.

Employees are lining up at your door looking for a quick minute.

And you just realized that you forgot your lunch again.

Sound familiar?

It’s not even noon and you have already experienced more than 10 stressful events in your day.

Who knows how much stress you encounter in an entire day, let alone over a week, let alone an entire year.

What is stress?

Now, let me just say, not all stress is bad.

Stress is a natural physiological response that alerts us to action.

It serves a useful purpose,


What was once a mechanism that responded to Sabre-toothed Tigers and other dangerous predators has now become a mechanism that responds to more modern versions of the Sabre-toothed Tiger.

Take for example, the Sabre-toothed board of directors,

The Sabre-tooth traffic jam,

And the Sabre-toothed report card from your kid.

Breaking Down Stress: Eustress and Distress

Eustress is the good stress you experience in your life. It keeps you focused, alert, attentive and engaged.

An example of eustress is attempting to solve a challenging problem at work, a problem you enjoy working on.

Distress, on the other hand, is the bad stress you experience in a day. It’s the kind of stress that distracts you from being productive, it makes you anxious and it makes you feel drained.

Examples of this are plenty, it could be traffic, getting into a knock-down, drag-out argument with your wife or not getting enough sleep.

There seems to be an ideal level of stress necessary for optimal performance.

The crew at Precision Nutrition calls it the Stress Sweet Spot.

The Stress Sweet Spot is where we get enough stress to keep us fired up, but not so much to burn us out.

Everyone will have a different sweet spot as everybody perceives stress in a different way.

Distress > eustress

This is when your manhood really gets thrown into a vice.

Two pathways affected by stress in your body are the HPA axis and the HPG axis.

Basically, the HPA axis is involved in controlling your metabolism and the HPG is involved in controlling your manhood.

The effect of stress on these two axes is not good.

Here is what happens:

HPA axis

The Hypothalamus (the H in HPA axis), which is like a master control centre for many body processes, detects excess stress and through a cascade of events decreases hormone output from your thyroid gland, which controls much of your metabolism.


stress = decreased metabolism = decreased fat loss

HPG axis

Again, the hypothalamus detects stress and through a cascade of events, causes a decreased production of testosterone, your man hormone. Testosterone is responsible for not only building lean, powerful muscle, but it also helps control sex drive, gives you energy and prevents fatigue.


Stress = decreased testosterone = decreased sex drive, energy and muscle-building

Stress and Cortisol

Another reason stress sucks for fat loss is that stress results in an increase in cortisol. Now, cortisol is not all bad, it does allow us to exercise more effectively but excess cortisol can produce some issues.

Excess cortisol in the blood for too long increase blood sugar. When blood sugar increases, so too does insulin.

Insulin, again, is not all bad, but in this case, it blunts fat loss.


Excess stress = increased cortisol = decreased fat loss.

Ways you can alleviate stress

I think we all know that we should decrease stress in our lives. The issue is not knowledge, it’s application.

So, what do we do?

Well, before we look at that, we need to take a short trip to grade 12 biology class….

Stress activates a branch of your nervous system responsible for fight or flight activities.

This is called the sympathetic nervous system.

Relaxation activates a branch of your nervous system responsible for rest and digest activities.

This is called the parasympathetic nervous system.

The goal of alleviating stress is shifting away from sympathetic activities and towards parasympathetic activities.

Here are some ideas:

-Meditation (We like the Headspace app)

-Reading somewhere quietly

-Being in nature

-Listening to rain on a tin roof

-Green Tea

-Getting more sleep (we have a post on this coming up soon!)

-Gentle stretching

-Gentle foam rolling

And of course, exercise and eating well will help to alleviate stress too.


If you’ve tried to lose fat in the past and failed, this could have been one of the factors holding you back to having the body, the energy and the life you want.

And not only that, reducing stress in your life will enhance your relationships with your family, friends and employees.

It will make you feel more energized and productive and even increase your sex drive.

We’re talking about the Good Life Baby!

So, pick one stress management strategy to work on, make sure you are confident you can do it and start taking back control of your life today.

Need help with stress management and fat loss?

You already know that stress interferes with your ability to live your life, achieve your goals and to generally be happy.

No one wakes up in the morning hoping to accumulate an abundance of distress in their day.

What you need is not only practical strategies to manage your stress, but simple and effective nutritional habits to follow, an exercise routine that works and a coach to keep you honest.

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